The Genealogist

Judith A. Herbert, Certified Genealogist®, is a full-time professional specializing in 17th–20th century family history research in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Whether you need genealogical research, writing, instruction, some DIY (Do It Yourself) consulting and review, or a speaker for a genealogical gathering, she welcomes the opportunity to work with you!

When you’ve made the decision to contract a professional genealogist your first question is, “Who should I hire?” You want to trust your family history and your investment to someone who has the experience and the desire to get it right – someone who knows which sources should be examined in each situation, no matter what dips and turns the road to your ancestry takes. You need a, expert with the knowledge and skills to consult the lesser known records and collections available in the areas where your ancestors lived, and who lives close enough to access items that can only be examined onsite. It is critical to hire a skilled analyst who will provide accurate conclusions.

Hiring a professional credentialed by the Board for Certification of Genealogists provides a measure of assurance, particularly when contracting with someone you do not know personally or who may live a good distance from you. You are assured that the individual has passed a rigorous process of peer review by top professionals in the field. The credential is proof that the genealogist has the abilities, knowledge, methodology and attention to detail necessary to be awarded certification, every five years. You can learn more by visiting the website of the Board for Certification of Genealogists®.


The Mission Statement

My pledge to each client is to ensure that we agree on the scope and expectations of the work to be performed before the work begins. I will produce the highest quality work possible using the best known methodology, within the time and dollar constraints set by the client. I commit to keeping the client’s out-of-pocket cost as low as possible without letting the quality of the results suffer. My goal is to make my client so satisfied with the result of my work, that at the end of a work engagement, we each have something we can be proud of.

The words Certified Genealogist and letters CG are registered certification marks of the Board for Certification of Genealogists®, used under license by authorized associates following peer-reviewed competency evaluations. Certificate No. 1063, expires 11 August 2025.

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