Client Testimonials

Here are just a few representative samples of testimonials from Judith’s clients, students and speaking engagement attendees:

Marveen Minish 2016 letter

Amelia Packard 2016 letter

 “Thank you for the thorough analysis of the item we discussed. It gives me additional information to help my search of Irish church records… It saved me a trip to Troy, where I  would not have looked where you looked… It [the research, analysis and reporting] was beyond what I expected. You are a real professional genealogist, and I wish you well…”

John McNally, St. Paul, Minnesota, 19 March 2019

“Judith demonstrates extensive knowledge of the genealogical resources available for upstate New York, and is and excellent communicator and listener with regards to understanding the scope and objectives of a research initiative. Highly recommend for any research – at the New York State Library especially.”

                          Freeman Bartek, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2 October 2016

“The course was interesting and helped me go back 1-2 generations on a few lines. I learned of tons of new repositories. I have lots of new leads to follow. I’m glad I took the course and have made lots of progress. It spurred me to interview and document, which I would not have taken on without being prodded.”

                           Amber DeSimony, Glenville, New York, March 2018

“Judith is an extremely knowledgeable and thorough teacher. I really enjoyed the course and gained so much valuable information. I would recommend this to anyone else wishing to learn more about genealogy.”

                           Kim Jess, Charlton, New York, March 2018

“The course is a must for anyone beginning to research their family history or anyone who wants to take their research to the next level.”

                           Jim Potter, New York, 2018

“This course far exceeded my expectations. Judith is a knowledgeable and engaging instructor. It was one of the best investments I’ve ever made and I am looking forward to my own work and taking the next class.” 

                           Kathy Mix, Rotterdam, New York, March 2018

“Excellent information to take you beyond the ____ [pay-to-play website name redacted] online search to “boots on the ground” research. I learned where to look, types of documents, directories and the repositories that hold them. Cemeteries too! Almost more valuable was information on how to organize all the information gleaned. Well worth the money!”

                            Marianne Blanchard, Glenville, New York, March 2018

“I feel I have the knowledge to look in new places. It filled in a lot of blanks. The background history of immigration, Erie Canal workers, etc. was very helpful and interesting.”

                            Maggie Brown, Schenectady, New York, 2018