Contracted Research Services*
The following list of records used for research is not all-inclusive. In many cases additional court records, employment
records, and other record types are utilized.


Records Research:                                                          Additional Research Services:

Authored Works                                                                Evaluation of Unsubstantiated “Facts”

Cemetery Records                                                            Existing Manuscripts & Typescripts

Church Records                                                                 Special & Archived Collections

Immigration Records

Land Records

Military Files

Probate Files

Vital Records (birth, marriage, death)



Contracted Writing & Publishing Services
Available for research contracted with GenealogyProf.


Case Studies                                                                        Record Compilations

Family Histories                                                                  Research Reports*

Lineage Society Applications                                           Proof Arguments


* Each contracted research engagement concludes with the provision of a research report. The research
   report contains all negative as well as positive findings, and a complete list of every source used.


DIY (Do It Yourself) Consulting Services
When you want to conduct the research yourself, but need professional instruction, validation, or guidance.


Personalized Research Training                                              Focusing Research & Aligning Priorities

Reviewing Your Genealogy for Issues                                     Creating a “Next Steps” Written Plan



Instruction & Lecture Services
       Beginner Level Family History Research
       Intermediate Skill Level Family History Research
       Advanced Skill Level Family History Research


By record type:             (Authored works, cemetery records, church records, immigration records, land records,
                    military files, probate files, or vital records.)
By state or region:       (CT, MA, ME, NH, Greater NYC, NY State excluding Greater NYC, RI, VT)
By process:                    (Collecting Evidence, Evidence Analysis, Reaching Defensible Conclusions,
      or Documenting Findings)




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