Contracted Research Services*
No heirship cases (current legal cases for inheritance purposes) are accepted.
The following list of records used for research is not all-inclusive. In many cases additional court records, employment
records, and other record types are utilized.

Records Research:                                                          Additional Research Services:

Authored Works                                                                Evaluation of Unsubstantiated “Facts”

Cemetery Records                                                            Existing Manuscripts & Typescripts

Church Records                                                                 Special & Archived Collections

             Directories & Memberships                                             DNA Test Results Evaluation

Immigration Records

Land Records

Military Files

Probate Files

             Tax Records

Vital Records (birth, marriage, death)


Contracted Writing & Publishing Services
Available for research contracted with GenealogyProf.

Case Studies                                                                        Record Compilations

Family Histories                                                                  Research Reports*

Lineage Society Applications                                           Proof Arguments

* Each contracted research engagement concludes with the provision of a research report. The research
   report contains all negative as well as positive findings, and a complete list of every source used.


DIY (Do It Yourself) Consulting Services
When you want to conduct the research yourself, but need professional instruction, validation, or guidance:

Personalized Research Training                                              Focusing Research & Aligning Priorities

Reviewing Your Genealogy for Issues                                     Creating a “Next Steps” Written Plan


Instruction & Lecture Services
       Beginner Level, Intermediate Skill Level or Advanced Skill Level Family History Research


By record type:             (Authored works, cemetery records, church records, immigration records, land records,
                    military files, probate files, or vital records.)
By state or region:       (CT, MA, Greater NYC, NY State, VT)
By process:                    (Collecting Evidence, Evidence Analysis, Reaching Defensible Conclusions,
      or Documenting Findings)


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